Traveling in Denmark is Awesome!

Denmark is a Scandinavian country and probably one of the most visited countries in Europe. Think about the beautiful flora and fauna, green landscape, and colorful buildings. Denmark has more to offer than what you can see in the pictures. If you are planning to visit this wonderful country, make sure you know these things first.

  •         Denmark has the happiest people on earth. That is 100% legit. In the United Nations 2013 Report, Denmark landed with a score of 7.6 in terms of happiness on a scale of 10 beating other countries around the globe.
  •         Cars don’t matter so much in Denmark. If living in cities taught you that the most important thing being a worker is having a car, Denmark will prove you wrong. In Denmark, car is not even a basis of your financial status as majority of the people here pedal to work. There number of cyclists in Denmark is dense and if you want to truly enjoy sightseeing in Denmark, you will find that the best way to do is to cycle around the city. It is very economical and convenient.
  •         Go to Copenhagen if you want to have a sumptuous lunch or dinner. If you are bringing your family or your significant other, make sure you book with one of Michelin star rated restaurants in Copenhagen. At present, there are 15 restaurants in the city with at least one Michelin star. This type of award means that the restaurant is really good.
  •         Danish are very good in home design. If you haven’t dropped by one of their shops, make sure you drop by your next visit. Danish are home experts and most shops sell trendy kitchenware and cheerful home furnishings. You can actually get inspiration from their home design or probably buy some of them, and ship them to your hometown.
  •         Denmark is an eco-friendly country. Almost every hotel in Denmark is certified eco-friendly. Their citizens are also crazy about recycling that they have electric busses and shops selling clothes made from organic bamboo. IN 2014, Copenhagen was hailed as the European Green Capital for consistently raising the bar for environmental standards.
  •         There is no euro in Denmark. While it is a European country, their currency is called Krone which is pronounced “crown”.  Their bank notes have more photos of bridges and historical sites than people. This is pure evidence that Denmark values craftsmanship and hard work more than the ego of politics behind the projects.

·         Christmas is the best time to visit in Denmark. The Christmas celebration in this country is in full festive mood. Make sure you book your flight in advance before airlines run out of tickets.

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