Go See Australia!

We see you are interested in knowing about vacationing in Australia, well we are totally glad to help. As it is- Australia is the sixth biggest country in the world and apparently, you’ll have to spend more than enough time here for a vacation.

So, what we are about to do is to help you plan your stay in Australia to be an amazing one. If you have just about two or three weeks up your sleeves, you have to make sure you have a scale of preference for the things you have to see in Australia.

Whenever you are considering going on a trip anywhere, you have to ask yourself some basic questions like- do you prefer an adventure travel or food and wine, cities or country areas, sporting areas or historical sites etc. when you have answers to  these questions, then you are on the right path to ensuring a wonderful vacation.


It’s very possible to do and see all things in Australia, yeah. There are so many vibrant cities, world-class wine areas, rainforests, country towns, mountains to hike, deserts you can explore, beaches, wildlife areas and so on.


If you are on vacation for food and wine, there are a-class wine regions in Australia like the Barossa Valley in South Australia, Margaret River in the west, the Hunter Valley and Mudgee in the North-South-West. You can use as well drop into a pub to try the boutique beers, here is where you’ll be warmly welcomed by the locals.

There are awesome seafood to try, kangaroo steak etc. if you wish, you can visit many of the farmer’s markets to have a taste of their organic fruits and veggies, chocolates, cheeses etc.  Our group traveled from Arizona and it took 18 hours to get there.  We were celebrating the 10 year anniversary of our company (MesaPaintingPros.com)


There is no way you can mention island nations without Australia topping the list. Due to this, people make Australia their go-to place for a coastal vacation. This country is just the ideal beach destination, starting from the awing coastline of white sandy beaches to the varieties of water activities. You can go to the Cable Beach at Broome, Gold Coast or Byron Bay, Great Barrier Reef, Bondi Beach, Fraser Island, Whale Watch to mention a few. These are places you can surf, swim, snorkel, parasail, go boating, sail, kayak, swim with dolphins, and eat fish and chips or even a beach BBQ.

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