5 Best Beaches of Uruguay

Need a getaway in summer? Uruguay is undeniably a great summer destination in South America. Held as the beach-lined coast, this country is surrounded with scenic beaches that have a variety of unique features. Are you ready? Here are the top most beautiful beaches in Uruguay.

Montevido – The City of Beaches

 Montevido is the capital city of Uruguay that is surrounded with hundreds of stunning beaches.  The most popular beach is Ramba which borders the city. It features a sprawling 22-kilometre of white sand and turquoise blue water.  The best thing about this city is that it is very easy to reach by walking or riding a bicycle. If you happen to be in the city, all you need is to hike to the beach.  You should also visit Playa de los Pocitos and Playa Ramirez, which are just close by.

Punta del Este – The Home of Beautiful Entertainment

Located on the east side of Uruguay, Punta del Este features three beautiful beaches. One of the famous beaches is the Playa Brava, which is usually full of tourists during the summer. Playa Mansa is another beach that features stunning white sand and clear blue waters. Many families come here during the summer to experience sunbathing and enjoy exciting water activities.  

Playa Chihuahua – The Nudist Beach

Though it is named after a famous dog breed, don’t mistake it for being full of dogs. Playa Chihuahua is actually a nudist beach.  If you are a lover of nudism, you can really enjoy this beach.  Many residents would go here because it is the nearest beach from the city. This means that you may also gain more acquaintances when you go here and learn more about their culture. 

Costa de Oro – The Longest Beach

 Costa de Oro is the longest stretching beach in Uruguay. It surprisingly extends along several resorts and beaches in the country. In the past it used to be wasted land but it eventually became a paradise as soon as it was reclaimed.  Most of the people who come into Costa de Oro are locals but beaches like Costa Azul and La Floresta are favorites of tourists. 

Punta del Diablo – The Festival Beach

Punta del Diablo is another beautiful beach in Uruguay that is located just a few kilometers from its border.  The place was originally a fishing village but developments made the beach a stunning attraction and a place of relaxation for everyone. 

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